posušene grozdne pečke so surovina za pridelavo hladno stiskanega olja grozdnih pečk Evioil

How do we obtain cold pressed grape seed oil?

Grape seed oil is obtained from the pomace that remains after pressing the grapes. Tropines are obtained from the Jeruzalem Ormož winery and from local winemakers immediately after the must has been squeezed out of them.

The pulp is immediately separated from the pomace, dried and cleaned of impurities.

Cold-press the cookies prepared in this way. The cold pressing process is a mechanical process where the oil is squeezed out of the oven using force. When pressing, we do not use any chemical substances which are otherwise used in the process of chemical extraction of edible oils in larger production facilities.

We also pay attention to the temperature during the pressing process. Since the temperature during pressing does not exceed 40 °C, the oil retains all important substances.

After pressing, the oil is not completely clean, so it needs to be cleaned. We do not filter the oil, but wait for it to be purified in a natural way by sedimentation. We get completely natural 100% cold pressed grape seed oil.

The grape vine is one of the hardest vines. A flat hard shell protects the interior of the oven from harmful external influences (e.g. sprays). Therefore no harmful chemical substances are present in the oil.

Since the grapes are quite small, 1 liter of cold pressed grape seed oil requires 8 - 12 kg of dry grape seeds. How much oil can be extracted depends mainly on the grape variety.

We press the oil on the fly in smaller quantities so that we can offer you the freshest possible cold-pressed grape seed oil.

In all procedures, we follow the principles of good hygiene practice and HACCP guidelines, and thus follow high standards in food production. We put food safety first.

Since, in addition to high quality, the appearance of the product is also important to us, we pour the oil into a pretty bottle, which we decorate with a beautiful vine illustration. Under the product, we sign Evioil.

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