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How do we get cold pressed grape seed oil?

Grape seed oil is obtained from the pomace that remains after the grapes are pressed. Separate the seeds from the pomace, dry them and clean the impurities. Squeeze the prepared stoves cold. As the compression temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, all important substances are retained. We don’t filter the oil, but we wait for it to purify in a natural way by sedimentation. We get a completely natural 100% cold pressed grape seed oil.

Grozdne pečke za olje grozdnih pečk

The grape seed is one of the hardest seeds. Flat shell, protects the inside of the stove from harmful external influences (eg sprays). Therefore no harmful chemicals are present in the oil.

Since grape seedlings are quite small, it is per liter of cold-pressed grape seed oil requires from 8 to 12 kg of dry grape seed . How much oil can be squeezed out depends mainly on the grape variety.

We squeeze the oil in small quantities on a regular basis so that we can offer you as fresh as possible cold pressed grape seed oil .

Because, in addition to high quality, appearance is also important to us, we pour the oil into a nice glass bottle, which we decorate with a beautiful illustration of the vine. Above all, we sign Evioil.

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