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Our story

Jeruzalem Slovenija, vinogradi

Prleške gorice are our inspiration

A walk among the vineyards of Ljutomer-Ormož hills is a real relaxation for the soul and a feast for the eyes. The view of the beautiful vineyard veduta enchants us with its colorfulness in all seasons: from the beautiful green color of young shoots, golden-yellow shades of ripe grapes, colorful autumn leaves, to the snow white in which bare vines rest.

Experienced winegrowers have been producing excellent wines for years here in a varied hilly area, with excellent wine-growing locations. However, the grape berry hides another invaluable treasure - the grape seed from which we squeeze the golden yellow oil. Oil, delicate taste with a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which we named Evioil .

Responsible to nature

Much waste remains after wine production, as discarded pomace accounts for 20% of the total weight of the grapes harvested (Boussetta et al., 2009; Panouillé et al., 2007). Grape seeds represent about 5% of the weight of grapes, which means that we discard over 3 million tons of grape seeds worldwide. A raw material that can be used to produce an oil that is predominantly unsaturated fatty acids . So why not take full advantage of the grapes harvested and cut down less rainforest?

Production of grape seed oil follows the principle of zero waste - winemakers produce wine from grapes, olive growers squeeze oil from grape seeds, grind some of the pomace into flour, use other pomace for animal feed, fertilizer or energy .

We also follow a sustainable approach when choosing packaging, so we chose glass and aluminum.

With the generations behind us in mind and because we love green and clean nature, we strive for the most responsible attitude towards nature. Here is our contribution - Evioil cold pressed grape seed oil.

“Oldtimers” or how did we get started?

Our first harvest does not go far back. On the contrary, our first production equipment dates back to 100 years ago. For the first sowing of seeds, we used a slightly modified corn seeder and grain seeder. They belong to the category of good old machines, which never fail, but require a lot of manual work. We got some blisters, but successfully sifted several tons of pomace, and produced the first 30 liters of oil. The quantity was sufficient for tasting and home use. Grape seed oil has become universally useful in our household.

Because we wanted to produce more oil and offer it on the market, we replaced our "oldtimers" with more powerful machines made according to our own plans. We believe that modern technology makes better use of raw materials, thus reducing costs and offering the final product at an affordable price.

stroj za sejanje grozdnih pečk